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VID314-30 Mins
Vid314: Sheriff Candy vs Becca the Mistress

Sheriff Candy gets ready to hunt down Becca, polishing her gun and handcuffs, giving us a good chance to look her up and down. Becca sneaks up on her while Candy talks on a corded phone and strangles her out cold with the cord.

Becca plays with Candy's unconscious body, raising Candy's skirt to show her light blue panties. She plays with Candy's garter and hose. She handcuffs the Sherif and wakes her up. She locks the Sheriff up in a small cage. When Candy won't be quiet, Becca ball gags her. Eventually, Candy manages to escape.

While Becca gloats over having the keys to Candy's handcuffs, Candy sneaks up on her and knocks Becca cold with a blackjack.

She then uses the key to unlock her handcuffs, and puts them on the unconscious Becca.

We then see Becca tied to a chair. Candy gags Becca and torments her. Becca struggles to get free, but cannot.

ID #: VID314-30Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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