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VID312-31 Mins
Vid312: Liberty Lass's Rookie Mistake

Candy is Liberty Lass!!! (In a very revealing costume!)

But Black Widow (Becca) gets the drop on her and shoots her with a ray gun until she's out cold on the floor. Then, she's tied to a chair.

She gets herself free, but the Black Widow finds her and weakens her by rubbing kryptonite on her, until Liberty Lass is out cold again!

Next, she's tied to a bed spread-eagle. After a lot of struggling, Black Widow appears and shoots Liberty Lass again until she's still and limp again. She plays with her limp, tied-up body.

Finally, Black Widow and Liberty Lass have a shoot out! Black Widow gets taken down first, but in one last effort, she takes out Liberty Lass!

ID #: VID312-31Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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