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VID306-31 Mins
Vid 306: Lexi Becca vs Powergirl Candy

While checking out a room, Powergirl Candy is shot by a kryptonite ray gun, held by the evil Lexi Becca. Powergirl Candy begging for mercy doesn't do any good. Soon she's out cold on the floor.

Powergirl Candy finds herself loosely tied to a frame, but she is very much the prisoner. Lexi Becca arrives and rubs kryptonite over Powergirl Candy's body, weakening her, stripping away her power, until she is on her knees.

After a while, though, Powergirl Candy'd powers start to return and she gets herself out of the ropes on her wrists. But just as she tries to escape, MORE KRYPTONITE! Soon, Powergirl Candy is unconscious again on the floor.

Powergirl Candy finds herself bound tightly this time When she comes to, her pitiful calls for help go unheard. Worse yet, just out of reach is a pair of scissors! Lexi Becca challenges her to try to get free before kryptonite gas escapes from an unseen chamber.

She does manage to get to the scissors and cut loose her bonds, but she's not fast enough. Before she can escape, kryptonite gas knocks her out cold again.

This time, she's tightly bound to a chair. She cries for help again, but no one hears her. She struggles to escape, but then Lexi Becca returns and hits Powergirl Candy with kryptonite rays again. Powergirl Candy passes out, still tied to the chair.

Then, she's out cold again face down on the floor. She wakes up and tries to get away, but Lexi Becca shoots her with the kryptonite rays again, just as she's about to get away. Powergirl Candy slides down the wall as she goes limp and unconscious one last time.

ID #: VID306-31Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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