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VID305-31 Mins
Vid 305: More Robyn with Candy

Robyn (played by Candy) searches a villain's lair, finding a ton of money. But trouble lurks! An evil mini-robot has tied her legs together, tripping her. She lays on the ground and struggles to get away, but she finds that another little robot has tied her wrists together!

Sexy Robyn then finds herself tape gagged and hogtied on the floor. She struggles to get free, moaning. Then, the robot reappears with dynamite!

Somehow, she manages to get free, but not for long as the tiny robots reappear, much to Robyn's terror! Robyn gets a nice whiff of knockout gas, and it knocks her out cold.

When she comes to, she's gagged and tied on the floor under a spinning blade. As the blade gets closer and closer, Robyn gets more and more desperate.

ID #: VID305-31Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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