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VID304-37 Mins
Vid 304: Robyn Captured Over and Over Starring Candy

Robyn (played by Candy) rushes to the rescue, but IT'S A TRAP!

Robyn is gassed out on the floor. She lay there helpless while the camera pans over her. She finds herself tied to a post and gagged with dynamite at her feet. When she finally comes to, she struggles fruitlessly to free herself.

She escapes off-camera, but soon finds herself entangled in a net! After struggling to get free, a tiny robot appears bearing chloroform. Robyn's eyes roll back, and she's out again.

Soon, she's gagged again and tied, this time to a table, dynamite (and a hand grenade!) at her feet. She struggles and struggles but this time she can't get free.

ID #: VID304-37Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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