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VID303B-38 Mins
Vid 303B: Kryptonite Fever/Bandit Queen Battles the Sheriff

There are two parts to this video:

Kryptonite Fever

SuperBecca drinks something that promises to enhance her powers. She does some power poses to prove the point. She easily captures Black Widow (played by Sasha).

But soon, SuperBecca starts to grow weak. There was KRYPTONITE in the drink!

Black Widow pulls SuperBecca's down to show her cleavage and her bra. SuperBecca is so weak she passes out on the floor.

When she comes to, SuperBecca has been bound to an X-frame, her costume still pulled down to show her leather bra. SuperBecca struggles and mourns her lost power.

After a while, SuperSasha appears to rescue SuperBecca. She gets SuperBecca off the X-frame, but SuperBecca is so weak she can hardly walk. But she can't get out before the two of them encounter more Kryptonite. The struggle to escape, but they grow weaker and weaker. SuperSasha finally manages to knock the Kryptonite away so that they can (just barely) escape.

Bandit Queen Battles the Sheriff

Sasha the Sheriff, dressed in a short black skirt, hose, heels, and a gun belt searches a room with six-shooter drawn.

The Bandit Queen (played by Becca), is looking for the Sheriff too (also with six-shooter drawn). The Bandit Queen gets the drop on the Sheriff, disarms her, and ties her to a chair. After the Sheriff struggles for a good while, the Bandit Queen chloroforms her.

When the Sheriff comes to, she unties herself. Now, it's time for the Sheriff to get the drop on the Bandit Queen, choking her out.

When the Bandit Queen comes to again, she waits in ambush. When the Sheriff comes by, the Bandit Queen shoots her (no blood). As she dies, the Sheriff gets one last shot off, which gets the Bandit Queen.

ID #: VID303B-38Mins
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