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VID302-29 Mins
Vid 302: SuperC Trapped

SuperC (Candy) investigates a room and finds a locked case. When she opens it, she finds it's KRYPTONITE, and she is knocked unconscious.

We next see her gagged and tied to a chair, the kryptonite at her feet, a time bomb in her lap. She's out cold at first, but eventually comes to and struggles to get free, but the kryptonite makes her weak. She struggles for a long time, with the time bomb ticking away.

In the next scene SuperC, apparently able at last to free herself, looking around for her attacker. She opens a door only to have knock out gas drop her into dreamland again.

Then, SuperC is gagged and tied to a board, kryptonite by her head. She struggles, but the kryptonite has made her too weak to free herself.

Finally, SuperC is tied to a padded table, bombs all around her. She struggles valiantly, but she can't escape. Meanwhile, an evil robot readies itself to blow her to bits.

ID #: VID302-29Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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