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VID301-55 Mins
Vid 301: Viginettes - Black Widow vs Defender; SuperBecca vs SuperSasha; Dom Becca vs Sasha

Several super-sexy clips in this video:

First, sexy Defender (Becca), rushes to the lair of Black Widow (Sasha in a very revealing costume), to save a kidnap victim. Black Widow shoots Defender with a ray gun delivering immense pain to our heroine, and then chloroforming her out. When Defender wakes up, she's tied and gagged, Black Widow's captive.

In the next segment, Super Becca goes to meet with Super Sasha to help her deal with Lex Luthor, but Super Sasha has something else in mind. She chloroforms Super Becca, then gags her chains her arms over her head and torments her with kryptonite, pulling off her cape and pulling down her costume to show more of her breasts and her sexy bra. She leaves Super Becca unconscious and helpless.

In the last segment, Sasha, dressed in negligee, is choked out (with a nice eye roll) by Dom Becca. Cut to Sasha, still out cold, bound and bent over a saw horse. Dom Becca torments her with a riding crop. Sasha struggles, but she can't get free.

ID #: VID301-55Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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