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VID292-37 Mins
Vid 292: Defender vs Black Widow Defender (played by Becca) finds the evil Black Widow (Sasha), and, at first, it seems like Defender's got the upper hand. But then Black Widow scratches Defender, and injects her with poison. Defender slowly falls into unconsciousness. Black Widow then plays with her victim, tearing her hose, unzipping her boot, and caressing her. Next, Black Widow is renedered unconscious with knockout gas, and it's Defennder's turn to play. That is, until Black Widow awakens and scratches her again. Once more, Defender is out cold. Then, more knockout gas and Black Widow collapses besider her, knocked out again. Black Widow comes to tied to a pole, and Becca torments her with a riding crop until she gets free and scratches Defender AGAIN! Now it's Defender's turn to be tied to the pole.
ID #: VID292-37 Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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