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VID290-28 Mins
Vid 290: SuperBecca vs Kryptoman

Kryptoman breaks into Super-Becca's headquarters and uses his kryptonite nature to knock her unconscious! He drags her away.

When Super-Becca comes to, Kryptoman returns to knock her out again and then hogtie and gag her helpless body, and, when she starts to come to, he knocks her out yet again.

She gets mostly free of the ropes when Kryptoman returns and knocks out our heroine AGAIN!

He ties our severely weakend heroine to a frame, wrists together and above her head, ankles together. He adds more kryptonite as a bonus.

Yet, Super-Becca manages to escape at last.

ID #: VID290-28 Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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