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VID272- 25Mins
Vid 272: A Gift from a Fan

Super-Becca begins with a number of strength poses. Then she sees what she thinks is a gift from a fan.

But it's KRYPTONITE!!!!

Super-Becca gets weaker and weaker, her fluttering hand going to her forehead and her eyes rolling back. Soon she's in a deep trance.

"Yes, master," she says. "I will remove my boots."

Lots of pictures of Becca's beautiful bare feet.

Next we find her on a bed, where she again finds the kryptonite. It weakens her and knocks her out, and puts her in a trance. She puts the krytonite around her neck, and then passes out again.

Eventually, she is forced to admit her defeat and show us her feet.

But you don't keep your end of the deal, so Super-Becca is left to pass out as the kryptonite takes all her strength.

ID #: VID272-25 Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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