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VID267- 30Mins
Vid 270: Black Scorpion!

Black Scorpion (played by Becca) looks for a kidnapper by setting herself up as bait. She dresses up in a sexy little dress (over her costume).

It works. The kidnapper drags her gagged, unconscious body into a bedroom and lays her on a bed. He then decides to have a little fun, and strips off the dress.

He recognizes that this is the famous Black Scorpion. He ties up the knocked-out heroine, and leaves to call the boss.

Black Scorpion comes to and struggles against her bonds, eventually almost untying herself, until the kidnapper returns and ties her up again, this time to the bed.

She struggles more and eventually again manages to get free.

The kidnapper overpowers her again, gags her, ties her wrists behind her back, and puts her in a cage. After she struggles a while, he drags her out, takes off her boots, and puts he in a small wooden box, only her head poking through.

When she gets out of that trap too, the villain ties her to a post.

When she finally gets out of that trap, she finally gets the drop on the kidnapper and knocks him out.

ID #: VID270-45 Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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