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VID267- 30Mins
Vid 269: Black Cardinal Undercover

Black Cardinal (played by Becca) gets a call to go undercover to capture a villain. She puts on a schoolgirl costume (white socks, little plaid skirt, white blouse, and investigates the villain's lair.

She's chloroformed out by the villain. The villain then gags and hogties her unconscious body. BC struggles mightily, but cannot get free.

The villain then ties our poor heroine to a post and takes off her skirt and unbuttons her blouse, revealing her true identity.

Black Cardinal struggles more, but this time, she manages to free herself. She investigates some more, only to be chloroformed again by the villain.

This time, our helpless heroine is dragged to a table and tied down again. She struggles and squirms, and eventually frees herself again...

Only to be captured immediately by the villain, who fastens her to an X-frame. Black Cardinal tries to escape, but she cannot.

ID #: VID267-30 Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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