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VID264- 30Mins
VID264: Traps for BatBecca

BatBecca gets a message on her computer that there's foul play afoot! She searches the villain's lair, that is, until he knocks her out cold with a blackjack.

When she comes to, she is chased by a tiny robot that eventually ties her ankles together and then sprays her with knockout gas.

When she wakes up again, the robot gets her to back into a trap where a net falls on her. The robot chloroforms the ensnared WonderBecca.

In the final scene, BatBecca is gagged and securely tied to a board suspended over a tub of water. The villain then turns up the heat, cooking the helpless heroine in steam. She struggles and moans, until the hot steam finally overcomes her.

ID #: VID264-30 Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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