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VID256-38 Mins
VID256: Defender Saves the Schoolgirl

Defender (played by Becca) dresses as a schoolgirl to track down a villain, leaving behind her cape and belt. Soon, though, the villain knocks her out with a blackjack blow to the head.

The villain ties up and gags the unconscious heroine. After she struggles in vain to free herself, the villain carries her off over his shoulder and throws her down on a bed. He then hogties her.

While struggling, she remembers that she has now strength because of the parts of her costume she left behind.

She does manage to escape... eventually.

The villain quickly recaptures her, gags her again, and ties her to a column. He then removes her schoolgirl clothes, discovering that he has, in fact, captured Defender!

After much struggling, she frees herself from the column, only to fall victim again, this time to chloroform! Her eyes roll back as Defender passes out.

The villain grabs the knocked-out Defender by the wrists and drags her from the room.

ID #: VID256-38 Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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