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VID254-26 Mins
VID254: SuperBecca

Becca, dressed in a short skirt and jacket, wearing glasses, transforms into Super-Becca by stripping away her outer clothes, and adding her boots and cape.

While checking her computer.... KRYPTONITE! The heroine quickly passes out, helpless. The villain ties up the beautiful, unconscious Super-Becca. When she comes to, she can't break her bonds.

After a while, the villain returns and carries her off over his shoulder.

He throws her onto a bed and hogties her. Becca struggles until she gets free, only to be captured yet again and tied to a post. The villain removes Super-Becca's skirt!

When Super-Becca frees herself, she retrieves her skirt and starts to leave. Only she finds herself getting mysteriously weak. The villain had tied kryptonite to her skirt! Becca passes out again, helpless on the floor.

ID #: VID254-26 Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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