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VID250-40 Mins
VID250: PowerSasha & SuperBecca Plus Damsels in Distress
There are two stories on this video: In the first, PowerSasha, in her VERY revealing costume, investigates a villain's lair, only to fall victim to knockout gas! As she fades into unconsciousness, she puts for a psychic call for Super-Becca to help her. When Super-Becca arrives, PowerSasha is still unconscious tied and gagged. She comes to and Becca takes off her gag. Super-Becca opens a chest nearby and discovers... KRYPTONITE!!! Robbed of her powers, Super-Becca slowly drops into unconsciousness as PowerSasha looks on helpless. We next find Super-Becca and PowerSasha out cold and tied up, Super-Becca's costume pulled down low over her shoulders. When they come to, they manage to untie each other, but before they can get away, there's more knockout gas and kryptonite! The two heroines slowly weaken and pass out next to each other. We find them tied next to each other on two chairs. They come to and untie each other, this time managing to get away. In the second story, Becca, dressed in very sexy lingerie, fishnets and heels, is chloroformed by a nearly-naked Sasha onto a bed. We then see Becca, out cold and tied to the bed. She comes to and tries to get free, to no avail. Sasha straddles her and taunts her and plays with the helpless Becca while Becca tries to get free. Finally, Sasha strangles Becca whose eyes roll back and then close. Her muscles spasm unconsciously as she lies there. Next, Becca (still in her lingerie) shoots a blowdart at Sasha (still in her next-to-nothing). Sasha passes out on the floor next to the bed. Becca lifts the helpless Sasha onto the bed. Now it's Sasha who's tied up and it's Becca who straddles her and plays with her while Sasha tries to get free. And it's Becca who strangles Sasha, whose eyes roll back as she goes limp. Becca checks Sasha's eyes before leaving her, lying still on the bed.
ID #: VID250-40 Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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