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VID248-51 Mins
VID248: Limp and Helpless
Becca, dressed in lacy lingerie and a sheer cover-up, heels, and hose is sitting on her bed when Sasha knocks her over the head, putting her to sleep. She plays with her sleeping body. After a while, Sasha takes off Becca's cover-up and continues to play with the sleeping Becca, lying on a bed, concentrating on her lovely legs. Later, Becca in a sheer blouse and suit, is knocked out cold again by Sasha, this time on an office chair and a couch. Sasha wastes no time in stripping the sleeping Becca down to her bra, panties, hose, garters, and heels. Sasha poses Becca in many sexy ways. Becca wakes up, wearing bra, panties, hose, heels, and garters, wondering what happened to her. Sasha puts her to sleep again, and then poses Becca's limp and helpless body some more.
ID #: VID248-51 Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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