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VID247-54 Mins
VID247: SuperBecca Totally Defeated
SuperBecca decides to get the jump on the evil Sasha, but she finds out that Sasha is too much for her. Punches and chokes and SuperBecca is nearly unconscious on the floor, even without Kryptonite! SuperBecca tries to fight back against the evil Sasha, but Sasha can't be beat on this day. Punches and chokes and SuperBecca is begging for mercy. Sasha continues to beat up SuperBecca. More punches and chokes, and then a closeup on SuperBecca, curled up in a corner, begging for mercy. She'll do anything... Sasha gloats as the conquered SuperBecca begs for mercy. Sasha further humiliates the defeated SuperBecca by shredding her uniform leaving her in tatters. Sasha shreds SuperBecca's uniform, until SuperBecca is wearing nothing but panties, bra, hose, and a tiny piece of her once-proud cape. Sasha then cuts up even SuperBecca's hose, until the heroine is wearing nothing but panties, bra, and the last tiny shred of her cape.
ID #: VID247-54 Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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