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VID245-58 Mins
VID245: More Adventures of the Bandit Queen
Becca the Bandit Queen is subdued by Sheriff Sasha, forced to suck on the handle of a leather whip. Sheriff Sasha then bends Becca the Bandit Queen over a table and spanks her. Next, her jailer ties Becca face down to the table, and Sheriff Sasha fondles the Bandit Queen's body. With the Bandit Queen securely tied face down on a table, Sasha plays with and licks the Bandit's heels and spurs, and uses the end of her whip to fondle the Bandit.However, in a shocking turn of events, Sheriff Sasha's jailer knocks Sasha out with a karate chop and frees Becca! It's the Bandit Queen's turn now to subdue the Sheriff. The jailer ties Sasha to the table, and it's Becca's turn to have fun. The jailer then captures Becca the Bandit Queen. He partially strips the bandit, gags her, and plays with her using a riding crop. Then, he captures the sheriff. He ties the unconscious Sheriff Sasha and Becca the Bandit Queen together, partially strips Sasha, and leaves them to struggle.
ID #: VID245-58 Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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