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VID311-38 Mins
Vid311: A Knockout, Chloro, Choking Video

Becca, in glasses, a blouse, short skirt, hose, and heels, is sitting on her couch, reading, when Candy, in a leotard and cat-burgler mask, chloroforms her. She handcuffs her, and then chloroforms her again (eye roll!).

Candy returns and wakes Becca up. Then, Becca chokes Candy out. She searches limp and unconscious Candy for the handcuff key. She doesn't find it, and when Candy wakes up, she chokes Becca out.

Then Candy unlocks the handcuffs and takes off Becca's glasses. She then pushes Becca over and cuff her hands behind her back. When Becca comes to, she struggles a bit before Candy comes and chokes her out again.

In the next scene, Becca knocks out Candy the thief with a blackjack. She strips Candy down to her panties and bra (and mask), searching for what she sold. She plays with the limp Candy, and then unmasks her. And, just as she's coming to, Becca knocks her out again.

In the next scene, Candy (back in her leotard and mask) chloroforms Becca, who's wearing a sexy blue dress. When she comes to, Becca tries to call for help, but Candy strangles her with the phone cord.

When Becca comes to again, she strangles Candy out with pantyhose, and calls for help. There are several victory poses.

ID #: VID311-38Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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