Tender Bare Soles - VHS
60 Minutes, Thirteen Models

Thirteen foot-loving ladies show off their luscious naked soles for you! Michelle Curtis matches her size-10 foot-bottoms against Noelle Nash's size-5 soles, Ann Marie and her pal Roxy Hart are bare-soled all over, Amber Lane and Jordan Ray also get naked for their steamy sole show, and Erica Campbell introduces her cute friend Mandy Fisher to the pleasures of topless sole-play!

Curvaceous Alyssa Lovelace makes her foot-bottom debut, while Raven Knight returns for office sole-baring with an extra touch of tickling! Gorgeous Tiffany Thomas indulges in mutual sole-sharing with shy Gwen Stanley and Azlyn Farros stretches out as our final foot-bottom fantasy girl!

ID #: FC-261
Price: $15.00