Tricked and Tickled - VHS
Nine Models; 40 Minutes

Noelle Nash sighed pleasurably as Julie began to massage her - she was the best masseuse ever! Noelle smiled as she slipped weightlessly into dreamland -- but she awoke to a nightmare! A sneering Julie had bound her to the massage table and was cruelly tickling her stockinged soles! As the crazed woman ran her fingers rapidly up and down her body and laughed at her plight, the helpless Noelle writhed and shrieked! Joining Noelle in serious tickle jeopardy are wide-eyed Amber Lane, nude camping captives Liz Tyler and Leah Marie, sexy rivals Nikki Sweet and Mackenzie Ortega, unsuspecting innocent Lacey Clarke and sheer-stockinged Kendra Carey!

ID #: FS-132
Price: $15.00