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Vid 017: Becca's Bondage Adventures #17

Becca's Bondage Adventures #17

There are three parts of this video:

Part 1: Ashley chloroforms a blonde nurse (Is that Becca in a wig, hiding her face?) and steals her uniform, leaving her tied up in her underwear in the corner. Ashley also wears red heels. She gags the nurse as well.

Later, Becca comes in, dressed in a uniform. Ashley, pretending to be a nurse, begins examing Becca, but then chloroforms her. She ties Becca to a chair (blouse unbuttoned) and, later a table (Becca in a bra, panties, garters, hose and heels). She interrogates Becca, but Becca won't crack.

Part 2: Black Cardinal is tied tightly on her knees, her hands behind her back. She struggles to free herself. She is gagged and struggles some more.

Part 3: Becca in a white blouse, short skirt, and heels is tied to a bedpost, her hands tied over her head. Eventually she is untied, but she has to strip for her offscreen captor. She takes off her blouse, then tied again to the bedpost. Eventually, she is also gagged. She struggles to free herself, and eventually does, but is soon back in captivity, this time without the skirt (bra, panties, garters, hose, and heels).

ID #: VID17
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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