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Vid 016: Becca's Adventures

Becca's Adventures

This video has 4 parts:

Part 1: An offscreen villain gasses SuperBecca, very slowly weakening her. She fights mightily, but the smoky gas bit-by-bit takes her strength from her, until, at long last, she lies on the floor, completely helpless.

Part2: Becca in a short skirt, white blouse, hose, and heels leaves a building and gets into her car. After a while, the car stalls, but before she can call someone, an attacker who was hiding in the back seat chloroforms her. He puts a ball gag in her mouth. She comes to, so he chloroforms her again. And again.

The villain repeatedly chloroforms the poor Becca each time she starts to come to. He ties her arms together, then chloroforms her again. He cradle carries her out of the driver's seat and puts her in the trunk.

When she comes to, he chloroforms her again. He ties her legs together, and, once more, chloroforms her.

Part 3: Becca, in a short black dress, opens the door to a fake repairman who instead wants to rob the place. He forces her to remove the dress, leaving her in her underwear. He binds her hand and foot and stretches her out on a couch She struggles and frees herself several times, but the intruder always comes to tie her up again. Eventually, she does get free enough to call for help.

Part 4: Becca in a short brown dress is grabbed from behind by an attacker. He chloroforms her after she struggles a while. He ties her to a chair, binding her arms and legs. Eventually, he gags her too.

After a while, he unties her but forces her to change into a sweatshirt and leggings. He ties her up again and carries her off over his shoulder.

ID #: VID16
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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