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Vid 019: Super-Becca & CatBecca vs. Wonder Ashley

Super-Becca & CatBecca vs. Wonder Ashley

If you like Ashley dressed like Wonder Woman getting knocked out, you're gonna LOVE this one!

Scene 1: SuperBecca chloroforms Wonder Ashley while she sits at her computer.

Scene 2: SuperBecca tries to chloroform Wonder Ashley while they sit on a couch. They fight each other. Who's going to win, and who's going to get knocked out? (Hint; they don't call her SuperBecca for nothing!) SuperBecca ties Wonder Ashley up, and then chloroforms her again, just to make sure. After a long snooze, Wonder Ashley frees herself.

Scene 3: SuperBecca is passed out and tied to the couch. Wonder Ashley gives her some more chloro to make sure she's really out. SuperBecca eventually comes to and frees herself, but not without a lot of struggle.

Scene 4: SuperBecca and Wonder Ashley fight each other on a bed, knocking each other out with chloroform. SuperBecca chloroforms Wonder Ashley last, and keeps chloroforming her. She spanks her. Then, with Wonder Ashley's unconscious body in her lap, she gives her another dose of the white cloth, and then she chloroforms herself. We see them out cold, piled on top of each other on the bed.

Scene 5: CatBecca and Wonder Ashley fight, knocking each other out with hand smothers and leg scissors moves, and then they tie each other up. Again and again.

Scene 6: CatBecca and Wonder Ashley are tied back to back.

ID #: VID19
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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