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Defender Vs Reaper

Becca's first video! Defender enters the lair of the villain known as The Reaper. At first, he forces her to gag herself and tie herself up, but this doesn't stop the mighty Defender for long. The Reaper gets the drop on Defender and chloroforms her. He hogties, blindfolds, and gags her. She struggles to get free until she passes out from exhaustion. Defender is next gagged and bound to a mattress with clear plastic. The Reaper explains that the wrap will contract until the life is squeezed out of Defender. She struggles until she finally frees herself. Defender returns and encounters a young man in a suit. It turns out he's THE REAPER! He knocks Defender out with sleep spray. He ties Defender spread-eagle to a bed and gags her. Defender comes to, and manages to escape just in time. Defender then captures the diabolic Reaper, or does she?

ID #: VID01
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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