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VID228-47 Mins
VID 228: Defender Captured

Defender (Becca) is gassed out cold in a villain's lair. The villain then hogties the unconscious heroine. When she wakes up, she struggles to get free, until the villain chloroforms her.

Defender comes to tied to a frame.The villain torments her with a riding crop, and soon gags her. She stuggles fruitlessly, until he then chloroforms her again.

Next, she awakens tied to a table.

When she comes to, the villain gags her, removes her shoes, and removes her top. (Defender covers her breasts with her hands.) He torments her, even tickles her feet. Then, he chloroforms her out yet again.

She wakes up in a cage. She looks hopelessly trapped, but she gets free!

ID #: VID228-47 Mins
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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