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Vid 064: Defender vs Sunshine Girl (Becca and Stacy Burke!)

Talking to the camera in a hotel room, Sunshine Girl tells you that she'll do a screen test for your new picture, allowing herself to be tied up.

She is tied up on the bed, and then voluntarily gagged and blindfolded as part of the "screen test."

Defender comes to her aid, not knowing the plan. She unties Sunshine Girl, but then Sunshine Girl chloroforms Defender, knocking her out cold.

Sunshine Girl hogties Defender on the bed. She thinks Defender is in on the "screen test", but Defender is not at all. Sunshine Girl then tells the offscreen director that it's her turn to be bound and gagged so that they can end the screen test.

Cut to Defender and Sunshine Girl, hogtied and gagged next to each other on the bed.

Now, the offscreen director reveals that there is no screen test, just a plan to capture the world's two greatest superheroines for ransom.

The ladies struggle against their bonds, and eventually manage to free each other.

They are on their way out the door when the "director" enters. The superheroines put their hands in the air, captured again.

Cut to them ball-gagged and tied together in a chair, Sunshine Girl straddling Defender's lap. They struggle mightily, but this time, they cannot escape.

ID #: VID64
Price: $29.95 Per DVD


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